I came across a sweet deal(650) on a Kevin Bond Sig Jackson Rhoads V, but don't know I haven't ever played on a Rhoads V.

Is it hard to get used to sitting with a Jackson Rhoads?

I was also wondering how it the Iommi(Scott Ian Diablo) SD PU is compared to a EMG?

I can't find this guitar locally so I can't play it, but it seems pretty nice, and very simple with only a volume knob and one PU.
nope, easy to sit with

i got an RR3 for christmas.

best. guitar. ever
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It's easy, better than strat/lp shapes because you can expand your movements, it isn't all compacted down.
It'll take getting used to though.
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What do you guys think about the Iommi(El Diablo pickup) on this guitar? I have been debating between the Kevin Bond, and the ESP LTD EX 400, not sure which one to go with, price wise?

I'm not sure which to go with, I like the necks of both jackson and Esp.
Get the Jackson.

It is easy sitting with it.
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I have the Iommi signature guitar which has two of his signature pickups and I can only say that they are ok pickups, nothing special.
For the price you can always switch the pickup if you don't like it. I'd buy it though.

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it's very easy to play sitting but not a fan of the iommi pups though.
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