Its not a bad deal but your only saving $50 (as opposed to new.) If i were you I'd wait until a better deal comes along.

Just a couple days ago I bought an Epiphone Goth G-400 w/ hardshell case and stand etc. for $225 on craigslist. I love it.
seems nice, i would totally buy.
of course if its near you give it a try to see if you like!
ive played those g400and i liked them alot.
It looks pretty good..but you'd have to go see it in person to decide. $50 isn't that much off, try to get him to drop it to $200 since it is used.
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My friend has that same Les Paul standard, it's great. You should definitely buy it, $275 is a great deal.

Don't worry about buying on craigslist, I'm only 14 too and I've done it several times with no problems.