Does anyone have experience with combining these 2?
What sound do you get out of them?

and not in a good way
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i've combined the two for some real nice sustained distortion, i wouldn't use it for chords but for long bends it can sound cool. i seem to remember them sounding better with one before the other in the chain but i can't remember which way it was....the key though is moderation, cranking the distortion on both can get out of hand real fast
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john frusciante kicks on a big muff and a DS-2 together sometimes for solos. feels good man.
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and not in a good way

i disagree. layering distortion or overdrive pedals can achieve a nice sound. and as said, j-fru uses a muff and ds-2 together, so i would think a ds-1 and muff could sound good. it would probably be better for lead sounds than laying down a rhythm part, but im sure it doesnt sound bad if you set it up right.