UPDATE, made some changes, added some bits and made the transitions a little better.

This is a WIP at the moment so Im practically here for help off anyone as to where to go next with it, Im thinking something with the bass on its own and then building back into the earlier riff, im not sure though. Let me know what you think too :-)

I will crit any one of yours back for this too. Thanks!
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Too me it sounds like there's too much going on and the mood swings are too sudden.
Make some transitions, and perhaps slow it down a bit so it gets "moody", I found BPM=100 best for me
Thanks man, I agree.. im working on the transitions right now.. and youre right the tempo was way too quick haha, Ive got it at 100 now and it sounds better.

Hey dude, thanks for your comments, ive made some changes if youd like a listen.. got any songs i can crit for you?

Oh ya remember to take distortion guitar off mute before playing haha.
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