I hear about left hand players flipping right hand guitars upside down and stringing them in reverse, and say it gives a different tone. Well, what if I flipped a left hand guitar upside down and stringed it in reverse?

How different would the tone be?
not very I don't think...
but do it anyway...you would just have to turn the nut around...I'm prob. gonna do it at some point in life just for the hell of it...
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
just turn the pickups around.
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It wont make much if any difference. On strats the bridge pickup is slanted so flipped its different, a little. Some say the strings being on the headstock upside down makes a difference. Gonna be one of those eric johnson hearing the grass grow things tho. I play lefty and have had lefty guitars and rightys upside down and there isnt some night/day difference.