Well my dad wants to start playing guitar so were trying to fix up my old crappy starter guitar for him to use, but i told him it has fret buzz so he said he could just put velvet or something under the bridge to raise it

would that work?
all you need is an allen wrench. but you might want to get a professional to do it because you'll either wind up with more buzz, super high action or a warped neck if you mess it up
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adjust the truss rod

can we say setup?...
yeah this would do you a lot more good
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can we say setup?...
yeah this would do you a lot more good

Set-up... ftw!
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yeah i thought about that too, but the point was not to spend money, any helpful sites so i can do it myself?
the stickied ultimate setup thread would probably be a fantastic place to start...

you know its one of those things at the top of the forum you should probably have noticed in your 2+ years here...
Yeah setup but I believe all the saddles are raised individually not as a unit like on mine
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