Mhmm.. I was checking out the Toneworks AX300G effect pedal and stumbled across something interesting on http://www.guitarworld.com/article/korg_toneworks_ax3000g_modeling_signal_processor

Apparently, the MIDI in-out ports allow some advanced features:
"The ESS can also be linked to the AX3000G’s expression pedal, giving you another level of performance control. It’s almost like having an onboard MIDI controller hooked up to the Korg’s massive bank of high-end effects. For that matter, should you wish to connect a external MIDI controller, the AX3000G has the MIDI jacks to allow it, as well as a headphone jack, an auxiliary input, a digital output and an external effect loop."

Does anything have any experience with this? I was wondering if you plugged in a master-midi keyboard controller if it's possible to use this as a standalone midi synthesizer. Do the built in banks allow this? Would it be possible to add banks that would be compatible with this? I am tired of using my desktop as a synthesizer and most tabletop synthesizers are rather expensive. Of course I'm also a guitar player so it would have even use of it.

Thanks a lot!