I've submitted....

4+ tabs and a review and yet they've never showed up on the site. I've checked my user page but they're still not up!!!! Has this ever happened to anyone else?!? If so- how'd you get it to stop?????

Here is a link to the specialist thread. It's right above this one, stickied and obvious at the very top.

The tab team is having a break right now, it's christmas. Tabs are also based on votes from other tabbers, so get a copy of your tabs and attach them, in a zip file, in your post in that thread. emad will get to you.

Does anyone understand why it wouldn't show up on my profile that I have new tabs submitted?????
If they haven't been accepted they should be signed 'W' in the Contributions section. If they have been accepted they should be signed 'A' or denied is 'D.'

If they're not there they haven't been uploaded. If the problem is that they're accepted but they aren't showing up on your profile or in your contributions area then just give them time. They do take a little of that to fully ingratiate with the system.