I'm looking around to buy an electric guitar to play punk-rock and sometime have some fun improvising rock solos. I now own a Vox VT15.

I tried a Epiphone Les Paul Standard for a few day and didn't like the neck, the frets are too long for me.

I went to the guitar store today to try some guitars.

I tried some Hagstroms, the neck was nice but it was very "sticky". It was hard to move my hand around the finish and the sound was not THAT great, better than the Epiphone but not as I was expecting.

Than I tried a Fender Standard Telecaster. I use to have an American Standard Stratocaster but I was not crazy about the shape of the guitar and the too many pickups in my opinion. I like to keep it simple.

So like I was saying, tried the telecaster. I played for about 5 minutes, I was in a hurry but for the time I played I loved it.

The body was very comfortable and the neck too, maple.

Than my guitar teacher who works there told me that he have a American Standard Telecaster made in 2007. I saw it and the finish is beautiful, maple neck.

But the pickups might be just not enough for me. If I change the bridge pick-up, what can I except sound wise ? Might compare it to another guitar.

He would sell it to me for $575.00 US, witch is a great deal, a bit over what I wanted to pay but is it worth it ?
both squire and fender offer teles with humbuckers for a heavier sound

you could buy a bog standard tele and put a stacked humbucker in the bridge, such as seymour duncan hot rail. very good pickups i have one in my strat, lots of hi end bite, and they love distortion, they surpass most standard humbuckers you get on epiphones and the likes regardless of their small size

it will still be possible to fit a standard sized humbucker to a tele, the modern ones should have sufficient space routed from the factory to accommodate a full bucker, older tele's you may have to watch as it might only ave enough space for a single coil pickup, in which case a stacked humbucker is probably the best route

the ultimate price is no question choice i would recommend for you is

the jim root tele!

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