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okay guys, im gonna be moaned at by peopel who cant read 3 or more scentences so to start with , well done, we know you are here * rolls eyes*

My ex girlfriend is a very close friend of mine, we do everything together, the sad thing is, she is my only friend.
Seen the show House? ( yes i love it too) im a bit like him, i say what i feel needs to be said, im arrogant, stubborn, a jerk, etc.
we were together for 1 and a half years. good times, my parents didnt liek our relationship, so i saw them as the badguys, in arrogance of course, really they were looking out for me as they always do,.
That is neither here or their, she is my only friend, lately, she has been expanding her horizons on social netowrkign sites, bebo/ facebook, and using more msn than usual. the dating applications in particular. so she has been talkign with loads of guys, thats fine,
one in particular ( a guy called richie) caught her attention the most, he is 18, a year younger than me, they hit it off straight away, having spoke on the phone after 2 nights of talking, then he said he wanted to see her.
he lives 350-400 miles away from us, i told her that these things were dangerous etc, showed my distate, i told her i didnt like the idea of her seing him like that ,as a friend i thougth my opinion mattered. she didnt bring it up again
. i realised , that after loosing ym job lately, having no friends and a brother that makes it his life to wind you up, that i was beign a bit crabby, so i wanted to take her out, i took her to a town 50 miles away , ont he train, paid for lunch and all that stuff, 10 minites after we got there, she said, " me and richie are meeting up"
she kenw i didnt like it, i was gobsmacked, i hadnt said anything snide or offesive, i was really trying to be nice and then she comes up with that?
i wasnt happy, so i walked off, after a discussion. she didnt follow, i took her out to maybe bond more, cheer each other up. and that came up. just great.
we both caught the train back, we were on the same train, different coaches,
it was so hard not to cry until i got home, a 50 Mi train journey and a 3/4 mile walk home,
i have cried all day, lol how girly . even tho im a 19 yr old bloke.
i rang her up, and tried to talk, but i coudl ony hiccup and sniffle.
i told her eventually that i didnt liek it again, as you can tell i really dont like it.
she said she would ring back after her bath, hour and a half later, boom, no phone call, i rang her, she was on the phone to him.
this is where i broke my knuckle on my drawers.
where i realised, that i have never felt this strongly, to protect a person i knew, my only friend, soem sort of twisted love i suppose, i basically had a panic attack for a hour .
i gave her the ultimatum, him or me,
my mind and heart have really broken, she picked him,
a boy she had never met, 300-400 miles away,
over her friend.
i have never been as upset , torn, etc as i am now, please help U..G
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I didn't read all that, but:

If it's a day like no other, it's blatantly not normal

We'll win something someday

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So, what do we do?
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How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
Read it all

Your better off without her

Sort your life out, sort your HEAD out.

Maybe she left you was because maybe it;s the way you are...Stubborn and a a jerk.
Sort it out and find someone who loves you for who you are.
-HUGS- I'm sorry. Life sucks sometimes and the people in it especially. I hope things will get better for you.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Hah I read the whole post, I can read quite quickly and I'm not lazy
The friend is obviously not very respectful and grateful to her friends then, and that can only be changed by her.
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Err... DragonForce?

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me too I am like that sometimes, because I hate to be that kind of person which tries to please to everybody, I am what I am, I am unique and I dont want to be like everybody.
im sorry man but some people are just like that, maybe when she meets him she'll realize that hes a douche and go to you? who knows?
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your sarcasam amuses me

Just remember dude...

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I'll do this for the common good...

tl;dr-His ex-gf went to meet a guy she'd never met before even though he made it clear he didn't want her to.

You still love her, that's all that needs to be said.
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dude you need to meet new people, even if its hard for you
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i know how you feel man, i hope no one comes in here calling you an emo or whatever like they usually do.

i hope things get better for you soon,

something similar happened to me and a girl i liked alot, and i think it's going to be a long time before i consider a relationship with girls again. a few other girls i know have done something like that, or have cheated on boyfriends which makes me wonder if i'll ever find someone i can trust.

i know guys are like that too, but still. trust and love are painful things.
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thank you serious guys, some good pints there i still need soem tiem to mull it over, i ahvent had a big explossion of emotions like this for 5 years lol,

mango guyz, thanks for teh lolz

Maybe Mangos don't like you because you can't type?

We'll win something someday

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dude....i couldnt agree more! a nice mango smoothie would be amazing right now.

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That sucks man. She's not worth it if she's gonna screw you over for some dude she's never met.

In an attempt to stay on "topic", eat a mango. Mangos rock man!!!

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Paragraphs!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no problem WHATSOEVER with more-than-lengthy texts, PROVIDED they show a semblance of structure (which your post blatantly lacks). It should also be noted that a day like no other is by default abnormal (as it does not conform to the norm) therefore it cannot be normal, genius.

Thank you.
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i was attacked my mangos once

im not even trying to just say something stupid,
i was literally attacked by mangos once.
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