Alright, i have been exploring for a new amp lately. And have narrowed it down to a carvin. And i have a $500 budget but may be able to push it A LITTLE. i wanted get some expert opinions before i buy one.

I have narrowed it down to: Steve via signature legacy head, Carvin X100 B head, or carvin V3 100 watt.

before answering please consider the following:

-I play modern hard rock/ alternative metal. Think chevelle or sevendust or tool.

-I have a gibson les paul studio 1992

-I use DR strings

-most of what I play is in some form of dropped tuning. Mostly D or B

-I need the amp to get a good clean tone.

having said that which would be the best?
Carvin V3 100 unless you really want vai's tone then get the legacy
I leik music