the story so far...

anonymous: **** u murry i dont need ur ****
guinness: how do u no me
anonymous: you are in dean house at BMGS, you have a brother who was captain of that house
anonymous: you have blond hair and you like rugby
guinness: yer so wat
guinness: how do u no me
anonymous: i've been watching you
guinness: ok then
anonymous: i'm watching you now
guinness: i'm not scared
guinness: wow
anonymous: u were always dumb muriford
guinness: so wat am i doin now
anonymous: typing at a computor retard
guinness: rong
guinness: i am useing my psp
guinness: suck ****
anonymous: then how are you writing to me now?
anonymous: duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
guinness: internet
guinness: psp have msn and internet
guinness: dumb****
anonymous: how do you write the message
guinness: i have a little key bord
guinness: yer anyways
anonymous: are you typing on the keyboard?
guinness: yes
anonymous: ding ding ding, hot dog we have a weiner

i am anonymous, what do you think of the chap called guiness?
Dude, don't fucking put our conversations up on UG!
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I think he has an amazing name
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I think Anonymous is very unfunny.
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