Hey Troops,

Got a stealthplug plus all the software and a samson g track usb mic plus all its software. Does anyone know if i can use them to record together? I can get the mic to work with its program (although Dells sigmatel sound card does it no favours!!) and the stealthplug into the laptop and out through my normal amp sounds amazing, i can't get them to go through the pc together without recording two seperate tracks and mixing them or using the mic to pick the singing and the amp. I've got tracktion and sonar le installed but they only seem to accept one at a time, either the mic or stealthplug. Is there anything more i need to buy or have i got the set up wrong?

Well in Tracktion where you go to record, there's two of those input boxes, although I don't know how to do it I'm sure you can record from the mike simultaneously...