Rowr yo, I've been playing a year and a half now, and as far as 'year and a half old' guitarists go, I'm not that bad. My own little niche is somewhere between metal and emo (say, a halfway between Tool, Bullet For My Valentine and 30 Seconds To Mars) My main playing buddy is much more experienced, and is insanely good at heavy metal; he mostly plays in the style of Dream Theater and some... insane Finnish band I can't even pronounce.

So there's a massive gap in our experience, and in straight out playing, he obviously kicks my ass.

However, I'm starting to notice I'm actually better than him at some stuff. 3rd parties confirm that it's not just my ego running wild...

Things like finding a good tone: he'll routinely play something so quick, that his massive overdrive will blur everything together. It's a total distorted mess. :/ I can find a sound that suits what I'm playing, no matter how basic.

In a nutshell: I can make a couple of strummed powah chords sound better than his 16:4 timed melodic hardcore machine gun riff full of pinch harmonics.

This doesn't sound like such a big deal, but then there you go live (played in front of a crowd for the first time last week. Much fun. ) and when he's in charge of the levels, it all goes horribley wrong. He's guitar for the gig, though acoustic, and through the PA system, ended up clipping horribley, and it totally drowned his vocals. So even though I was there as backup singer, I was the only thing you could hear clearly...

Is there any way for a nub player like me to actually get through to someone who's been playing much longer? Can a student ever stand up to a master and talk through a problem?
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
Title was a bit misleading but anyways...

It seems like he just has a problem with finding good tone.
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Hi 5 man! this is what Im talkin bout!

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Yes, although masters ego may make it harder, if not impossible for pupuils helpful common sense to seep in, therefore creating the need to whoop master's ass.

I kid about the ass whooping but you should definately talk to him about it and try and get him to get your point of view across.
Oh wait, there was more:

We did a couple covers of this guy called Stephen Lynch, and experienced guy missed out the intro to one of the songs, cutting out the opening joke (which, y'know, might've been forgivable if we were pressed for time. But we weren't. >___> and then forgot about a little breakdown halfway through - he was supposed to stop me, and be all like "Hey... you've got a girlfriend?" but he just carried on playing.

These were songs he knew better than I - I'd only practiced them for a few hours with him.
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
Well that may be just a case of you having a better memory than him.

As i said before, just talking to him about it (try no to sound pig headed) in a nice way and you should be ok
Ok, thanks for letting us know.
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Just sounds like this guy doesn't have an ear for tone
... Maybe he should just turn his gain down a bit so the notes can articulate a little more.
well in short, no. the student cant really stand up to the master.

why? because guitar players usually have a massive ego. and if you tell them they arent very good at somethingor that they need to improve on something, and you cant play better/faster/etc... than him, then he isnt going to listen. maybe if it were your band you could tell him "hey, maybe not so much distortion".

but you just have to deal with these people. if anything they make for good stories right?
If your focus of attention is on finding faults in others you might miss out on many of your own. Would you like it if someone critiqued and focused on everything you did wrong?
Is that fair to him to keep looking for mistakes and things you do better than him.

Im not saying you cant talk to him about a problem that could be fixed to make your band better but your mindset is very transparent and i think maybe you should evaluate your thought process.

Basically if its about the band then talk to him but dont focus on every little thing he does wrong to make yourself feel better.

Also the amount of years someone has been playing doesnt mean a whole lot. Its has a lot more to do with quality and quantity off practice time. The quality of peoples practice and amounts of time they spend on it varies greatly and the differances will compounded over years of time. Dont say im better at this one skill than a guy of 10 years playing time thats a worthless thought and isnt going to make you a better player or person so why think it. Maybe because your ego is hungry and your starting to give it food?

Your seeking a feeling of worth from being better than your "master". Instead you should only care about having fun and being able to do what you want with your instrument.

Why isnt your thread called "How can I get a more expirianced player to take a tip?"
Is that not the topic? It is but your focus is in the wrong place.

Sorry for ranting on you but its better to take a look in the mirror now before your your head gets to big and you can only wear button up shirts..
Just suggest that maybe his mix is a little off. That's all you can do.

I know what you mean though, I was in a guitar shop the other day and whilst the owner was clearly far more skilled than I...he kinda sounded like ass. He was just hitting as many notes as possible and it was messy. Bad bad.
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i can play better than a guy with 20+ of playing, but then again the guy i talk about suck so bad that my friend bas better with just a month of practice
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Quote by Dark Raven X
Is there any way for a nub player like me to actually get through to someone who's been playing much longer? Can a student ever stand up to a master and talk through a problem?

This is more of a personality thing than a musical thing. His attitude towards playing is obviously different to yours.
Just say "Your a really kickass player and but i think if you turned down the gain/boosted mids a little i would be able to hear everything your playing much better."
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Just say "Your a really kickass player and but i think if you turned down the gain/boosted mids a little i would be able to hear everything your playing much better."


To answer the threadstarter's question,
Give him advice. If he doesn't take it, leave him alone. At the end of the day, all you're offering is an opinion, anyway. Who's to say you're right about something so subjective as tone?
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