Ive been playing for about a year and like 3 months now and im trying to figure out where to go with my playing
heres what I can do.
I can sheet read music
I can Improv pretty good
I know the pentatonic everywhere
Im know my whole tone, half tone, and diminished scales
I know the modes and there memorized
pinch harmonics, tapped harmonics and other stuff
I have eruption really close to eddys
Chord progressions and I think I have there structure down also
I know a lot of chords also
I know all the notes on the fret board it just it might take me a couple seconds to think of it...( I should probably memorize the whole thing and not the just the fret markers)
I practice about 4 hours a day also
Is this advanced for my time playing? and where do I go from here?
I'm in about the same spot as you. I'm about a year in. You know what I learned from jamming with some locals? I need to learn advanced techniques. Sweep picking, pinch harmonics, REALLY and TRUELY learning to bend functionally, things like that.

If that bores you, write music. Thats the beauty of music: theres more than you could possibly master in a life time.
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check out the advanced techniques forum, loads of stuff to work on
tapping with all 8 fingers, sweeping, basically anything for mass amounts of shred
this + this will keep you occupied for a long long time
this is what i'm currently doin'
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i got the whole bend vibrato and basic vibrato down and also the harmonic stuff down well but im a novice in sweeping I just dont play stuff that needs it but ill look into it thanks man
make sure your bending is in tune. i hear a lot of out of tune bend when they arent meant to be. make a vid or recording of yourself so we can see/hear you and critique.

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Learn finger picking and if you havent yet, learn jazz.
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ive started some classical and spent my summer taking those horrible jazz lessons for school
Just keep playing watching and learning. Guitar is not something learned/masterd in "x" amount of time.