I have a Esteban G-10 guitar amp that was purchased new about a month ago. When I went to plug in my guitar to play today I found that the amp didn't work. When I turn it on it gives out a low rumble. When I plug my guitar in it won't put any sound through the amp other then that rumble. I've read a couple other forums that suggest temperature, circuits, and cables. But I haven't moved my amp at all, the light still comes on, and my cable seems to be fine. Any help you can give would be wonderful.
When that happened to me it was my cable even though it looked fine, some wires had screwed up or something and it just buzzed like crazy. You can get a nice new cable for a tenner from the internet.
I'm not quite sure it's the cable because it buzzes even when it's not plugged in, but i'll try that once I can get my hands on an extra one.
Try a friends guitar and cable. If it doesnt work then its time to use the warranty.
Are sure the volume knob on your guitar is up?!

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