So I'm in need of a new camera. I only have a budget of $120 though, and that's kidna pushing it for me >.>. Willing to buy used though on ebay or something if needed.

I really want something that takes solid pictures but also good audio/video. The camera I use to record stuff/make youtube videos is dark, audio sucks, and it's just horrid.

Also must be rechargeable.

Any good deals out there?
A590 powershot. Great lense and features for under 200.
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A590 powershot. Great lense and features for under 200.

Definitely the PowerShot series. I had the A560 and the video recording feature is actually brilliant.

This one.

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Um...I just use my cell camera lol. I don't know much about cam's.
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Something from the powershot series. Oh and photothread