I got a new guitar the other day and I'm buying a new amp tomorrow. My guitar is an Epiphone Goth G-400 and the amp I'm getting is a Kustom 12 tube amp for $100.

Although, the distortion on the amp is not too great so I need to buy a pedal. I'm thinking a Metal Muff for $90 because I probably can't find it used.

Anyways what do y'all think of this potential new setup. New pickups? New tube? Comments please, thanks.
Save up more and get something that'll last you longer.

for practising you can't go wrong with a cube30. If you're going in a band you'll probably want to go tube.

What do you play?
WTLTL 2011
I play metal, classic rock, and a little blues. I'm not in a band so I just need a practice amp.