Laney VC15 for sale, owned it for about a year.

I paid £215 for it new last year, so about £160? i'll have to get a quote for shipping though.

Cheers, Tom
hey has this been sold, looks kinda interesting to me.
is the £160 including shipping ?
it depends, i'm not sure how much shipping is. If it's too much you'll have to pay some, but if it isn't too much it'll be included in the price
trades ts?
i have some pickups (dimarzio humbuckers) and some pedals (compressor, wah)?
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I'm quite in love with the lany amps as they are hugely praised for they're clean tones. so i live in london (king's cross) how much would it be including shipping there etc? is there a warranty at all for this? cheers
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WTB: Laney VC30/Marshall DSL401/Roland Cube 60(UK)

*FS (PM offers)
I'm not interested in buying (as I myself own one) but I am wondering why you're selling it?

They're awesome amps, I can't really think of a good reason to sell mine!
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