Should I get a Raven RG60 combo amp? I play blues classic rock, rock, alternative, and Metal (only Metallica). I'm an intermediate player. I have a standard Fender HSS Stratocaster. I practice and I'm about to have my first band practice. (jamming not really playing in clubs until we get good ) What kind of amps should I buy?
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no, you can get much better amps for the price. ravens are super low quality.
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dont buy it, it sucks dick
get a vypyr or something
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their "ok" just ok. ive played the 30 watt version.
but you can really get some better things for 200 bucks.

if you want a solid state, you can pick up a peavey vypyr 30 for 200
however i recommend saving a bit and picking up maybe a crate V33
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As everyone else has said, get a vypyr. They are MUCH higher quality than the ravens and will give you much more versatility. plus, they actually sound pretty awesome
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Ravens are just another version of MG, spider, flexwave, frontman etc. If they only sold em as 10-15 watt practice amps be ok, but they try to pass em off as giggable amps.