I have problems getting gigs in NYC at 15-16, so 13 might be hard unless you are a GOD.....

I dont know, if you're parents are friendly with a bar owner or something try that. SOrry this couldnt be more helpful....

cheers, and good luck though, keep rocking!
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Yea, school is your best bet
but for other types of gigs
your only option is prolly to wait
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My band played with another band at our school, then we got invited to play with them at a local bar
Then we just asked for openings at the bar and other local ones. We have a myspace and are friends with a few places that book shows too, so that helps as well.
As long as you are good places will put you on the bill.

My friends friends band was moved behind of a band with 13 year olds. They probably did it because the kids parents were musicians, but the kids also had high end gear, Krank Amps and Gibson LP's. People heard one song from them and left, the person who was in charge of setting up the bands won't do that again.
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My hometown was full of gigs for young people.

Battle of the Bands and a youth club.
Get a group of bands together and talk to your local youth leader about organizing gigs.
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Try your school. Local youth clubs. Ask around. You got a YMCA? Or something similar? See what sort of music nights are available for kids and ask around.