Im 17, been looking for a hobby for awhile and guitar seems pretty kickass. I never really had a knack for an instument and have only dabbled with my friends guitars in the past. So should I buy I guitar and fool around with my friends? Buy some guitar lesson books? Or get real lessons? (d. all of the above lol)

I know there's a thread dedicated to this but it's so friggin long....I wanna get an acoustic guitar, I have no equipment whatsoever, what would be a good starter pack to get? Top of the line isnt neccesary, but Id like something that sounds decent and will last, $300 max price range.
Like me roughly four months before Christmas...

I personally just got a couple lessons (enough to read tab and understand tuning) and let myself float from there. The UG forums have been more than helpful, and any questions have thus far been answered primly and efficiently. Now I just track down songs and learn them, THOSE are my lessons.

Then again, everyone learns differently. Do what feels right.
1) First of all, if you're going to drop $300 on an acoustic, stay away from the starter packs.

A reputable music store should be able to put you in a decent quality acoustic for that price. Decent as in sounds nice and is worth hanging on to for the long run. The Yamaha Classical guitar I bought in 2003 was around $250. The Seagull I wanted (instead of the Yamaha) was in the same price range (I couldn't get it because they were having production problems). They haven't gone up much since then.

2) I came to guitar from a different stringed instrument, so I was able to learn some stuff on my own fairly easily.

Even without that experience, its quite possible to learn guitar by yourself.

However, even just a year or so with a teacher will accelerate your learning greatly. A teacher will correct you, direct you, and there is something to be said for the motivating force paying for lessons puts on you to practice.

3) Playing with others, even if they're not any better than you, can teach you things you simply can't learn by yourself.
Yeah everyone learns differently I think I can talk alot about this as I have done both methods. I was self taught for about a year and a half but I didnt have a structured practice schedule so I wasnt learning anything new after a while. I decided to get lessons about a month ago and they have helped alot. I think I just learn better by having someone show me than by reading books. But yeah defintley jam with your friends its a great experince and teaches you alot.
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Almost every person would agree that you should take lessons however some people stop taking them because they get it/costs/etc. but if you can afford them you should keep with them for a while. You only learn so much jamming, but you do learn about keeping in time, etc.
You can teach yourself but take lessons, they help
I say get some lessions without them my teacher says you peak and never get any better you wind up always playing the some stuff..same style. With lession you will learn music theroy(Spelling?)how to read music. How to build chords, scales that will help you play faster and make solos and alot of other stuff.

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im 17 almost 3 years and im self teached:P

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Hey, glad to hear you want to start with acoustic. Great choice in my opionion. Your hand strength will build much more quickly than it would if you started on an electric.

For a good guitar in the $300 range, go to the Acoustic & Classical Guitar forum. We have an entire thread in there devoted to GOOD acoustics for less than $300.

Oh, and I think lessons are important for someone who has never played a stringed instrument before, and especially someone who hasn't ever really played any instruments before. A good teacher will not only help you learn to play, but will also teach you music theory.
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In my opinion, lessons would be the right way to go. If you find a good teacher, it's not too hard to pick up guitar playing. Books can also be very useful if you want to learn about stuff like the guitar's anatomy, etc.

As for a new guitar, if you're looking for an acoustic, I'd suggest a steel-string Yamaha guitar. Mine is pretty good for the price I paid for it ($250 or so AU) and it's survived a lot of battering around and playing and still sounds great.
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