Could I get some help on a tube choice i have a peavey windsor it has ruby tubes in it now i know some people recommend jj's are electro harmonix a good choice over the rubys
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JJ: Far and away the best EL-34 you can get without paying an arm and a leg. Higher gain than most, and a tad dark, but very articulate. Sweet.

Not a bad tube. They sound weaker than a JJ, and bright. Not a good choice for Marshalls.

Very close to the JJ in durability and microphonics, and a good balanced tube as far as tone. Great if a JJ is too dark for you.

Groove Tubes (GT rebrands its preamp tubes but makes its own power tubes):
"very nice tube, long lasting but have a alightly harsh tone to them. great headroom, and add an overdrive..incredible crunch. compared to jj's el34L, they had a tab less headroom, and i prefer the jj's distorted tone better, its more agressive and tones down better." Thanks to godofshred for that review.
-taken from the "Everything you need to know about tubes thread"
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JJs sound great in Peaveys.

My favorite EL-34s are the Ruby EL34BSTRs though
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I just put 2 JJ el34Ls in my JTM45. Not really quite sure how much I'm liking them, highs are rolled off, a lot of mids, and a bit of a flabby bass, doesn't really suit my amp at all. Probably should've gone with KT66s...
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E34Ls, my bad, I was told they had a slightly tighter low end than standard el34s and slightly more headroom. I installed these and they certainly have a lot of headroom, I'm actually getting noticeably less gain than I did from my KT66s, which I think are still my favorite tube, although I did bias these slightly colder. Also, the transition into overdrive isn't nearly as smooth as with the KT66s either.

These sound pretty nice clean though, I miss the bell like top end of the kt66s, but these really pack a punch on your clean tones without getting harsh at all.
I was using Valve Art KT66s, which were rebranded Shuguangs. Outside of JJ, all real KT66s are Shuguangs, VA just takes the best of them and rebrands them. I personally prefer them to the JJ KT66s. Tungsol also makes a "KT66" but it's really just a 5881 in a big bottle, not a real KT66.