I don't know the proper terms for things too well but when I write music with a pen on paper it's so hard to keep the things looking similar. I'm sure it's more of a practice makes perfect thing but any help? Also, what do professional uh, composers use? Is there a specific type of pen, or do they print it or something? Are there any other musicians out there that enjoy writing music during each and every class and spend their day notating anything and everything they can?
Why not use a program like Finale? You can download free trial editions on their site.

I haven't done it (I've been too lazy to get around to it) but if you want...

The old music teacher at my school used to use Finale Notepad. He'd write songs for the band and stuff. He really liked it. He was a good teacher too.
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but i like writing it on paper
it feels more interactive and besides, if i'm away from the computer how else would i?
It's good practice to do it on paper instead of on a computer, but it won't look very professional and neat on paper. What I do is write the first copy on paper by hand and then make a final copy on sibelius (i like it better than finale)
You may already be using this but, you can download free sheets of paper with the treble and bass cliffs, and such. If you are referring to actually profesionally writing music that is. Like I said, you may be referring to that when you say paper, but I just thought I'd throw it out there and see what you say.
yeah i do download and print free staff paper from online.
i've been downloading with just the clear ledger lines cause i gotta practice my clefs. and what rockinrider said sounds like an awesome idea. and thanks for the website awesomeness lol it seems really good.

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It's good practice to do it on paper instead of on a computer, but it won't look very professional and neat on paper.

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Computers indeed.

Of course you have elitists saying you need to write it on paper, but computers are how it is. It's far more cleaner, efficient and faster, and mistakes are easily fixed.

Alot of composers have access to special software. You can buy this software too but I think it's expensive.

They computer can analyse ur writing on paper and then transform it into digital sheet.

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