Just wondering if anyone knew anything about them, they're just getting some great reviews and are making some really beautiful guitars!
Heard a bit about them, but so hard to be able to try them out because no one stocks them. They look nice for sure, but if they play nice is a different question.
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They do play great! I have a friend who has one and he also has the Epiphone Les Paul custom and he plays his indy live. Theyre great guitars!
They've got two 400-500 € Indie guitars at my local music shop and they look pretty cool actually, haven't tried them though.

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A friend of mine owns a telecaster copy that I've played a few times. It plays like a dream, and it's got a fairly unique tone (bridge humbucker, neck full single coil, not the regular tele style). If he changed the pickups for some better ones, it would be an outstanding guitar. I have played a couple of their acoustics though and the build quality was lacking considering the price.
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i've quite liked the ones i've tried, but they felt and sounded a little generic, i thought. price is just about right, i guess... i've only played the cheaper ones around the £300-£400 mark, though. personally i'd save slightly more and get an MIJ tokai or similar, but that's just me.
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I know the guy who runs and builds Indie guitars, their factory is near my dad's house. They are some great guitars, I got my acoustic from them.


Now I just need to make friends with the person who runs Jackson guitars...