-when the fuzz comes in its rather akward
-same for when the fuzz transitions back.
-around 1:40 you drag really bad.
-1:53 the intro is late.
-Fuzz riffs in the background arnt bad.
-I did like the autowah you had going, but it needed to continue throughout the song. it abruptly starts and stops. not good.
-I realize your using a drum machine/ program, but adding in a different drum beat for the fuzz lead sections might make it a less akward transistion. maybe a fill or something, then having hits with every note. like a cymbal crash or what not.
-adding in some low end might help fill out the song. (some really deap slightly fuzzed out bass would really add to this song.

= Over all I liked the basic idea for the song it just needs alot of work. Transitions are where I would start as they are the biggest problem.

that has got to be the coolest c'ment given to me ever!!!!!
i agree w/ all of it
riding around town
always got my windows rolled down
yeh i'm the egg man
any time man.

If you do any revisions just let me know and I would be glad to look over them as well.