i just restrung my acoustic guitar this afternoon for the first time. when i would be tightening a string, the corresponding bridge pin would pop up once or twice. i think this is to be expected.

however, i am concerned that the bridge pins will now pop out when i'm playing or even when the guitar is in its case. is this possible? i mean, it seems like if the ball end of the string was, say, under the end of the bridge pin instead of seated under the wood like it's supposed to be, it would have popped out already (it's been a couple of hours since i did the re-stringing) with the extreme tension put on it by the tightened string.

anyway, i guess my question is, is there any point in me loosening each string and making sure the ball is seated correctly?

no.. don't loosen the strings.. if it's holding, you're all set

if you loosen them, you automatically shorten string life because the stress on them

if they pop while playing, then just put them back in
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If the balls are seated correctly, they will lock in the bridge pins when at full tension. Since your pins haven't popped out, you can assume that they should be fine.
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i use to feel the same way when i first got a guitar with bridge pins .. but as captivate said .. they lock in if they are seated properly .. relax .. whats the worse that can happen .. lol .. *knock on wood*
take it easy man .. its just a thread