At this point I have a basic grasp of how to create a solo in terms of what's musically sound (choosing the correct scales, ending on 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc., following the chords to some extent). How should I go about improving my ability to improvise quickly?
Your improvisation will feel and move quicker if you know your fretboard. Especially if you're playing a lot of changes your mind needs to visualize each scalar pattern as well as the 3rd 5th tonic and any other interesting extensions of the chord with relation to either your tonal center or the tonic of the chord. And how do you develop all that? Quite simply, you improvise. You improvise more. And you improvise more. Fretboard visualization as some would call it comes from a lot of practice, and a lot of conscious practice; conscious of the degree of each note you hit. And eventually you'll come to a point where when someone plays say a G dominant 7th and you're playing a G mixolydian you'll instantly know where all the notes are and there intervalic relationship to the root. When that day comes speed would just be there. So my advice study that fretboard, draw some diagrams and after you've done all of that keep improvising for like 24243243423434 hours.
you dont "have" to know the fretboard as well as teabag says, but id say for now take what you know and just improv over a backing track whenever you pick up the guitar and try different things...in ur room u can **** up as much as you want trying to play above your ability
I believe in natural progression and not to try to learn every bit of theory at once cause ull be lost and put way too much thought into music...maybe or a few months you just improv with the major and minor scales and follow chords...then when you are fluent in that progress to something else your interested in
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dont listen to that second goober, you get better by knowing more and you HAVE to know your fretboard if you want to be good. The more fluent you are with the notes on the fretboard, what notes make up the chords, what fits over certain chords, how the progression goes the better you will be able to form ideas and realize the music that is "in your head"
The one thing I agree with the second goober about is the not learning it all at once part. I think with theory, it makes a lot of sense to go with a "learn a bit, learn how to apply it, learn a bit more, learn how to apply that" pattern of learning. Rather than feeling you have to learn a whole bunch up front.

Agreed though, learning your fretboard and being able to quickly know the strong notes in whatever scale you are playing in is is really important.
I listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page is my primary influence when it comes to guitar playing. What really helped me was learning my pentatonic and major scales, and jamming along to some live recordings of Zeppelin. The How The West Was Won CD for example, I'll just turn that on, play with the ones I know and get down with Page.

After a while I increased in speed, and what I wanted to do became clear. You don't have to use Zeppelin as I mentioned, but use a backing that you like and jam along with it.
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Lol at the guy saying you "Don't have to know" ur fretboard.

This isn't Vegas where u gamble for notes and hope you end up right

To TS:
You can't learn to improvise quickly in a sense as a skill.

You have to play slow, and then you get faster in it, just like typing on a computer.

The more you play, the less you have to think to"Verify" that you play the right notes, the faster you will play.

Practice Practice practice

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You can only really improvise as fast as you can think....no point being able to move your fingers like lightning if it takes you 5 seconds to find a note that's in key.
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