Hey everyone,

Ive become very passionate with music and i decided to learn to play the guitar. I think the guitar can help in many ways to make a person happy. I was wondering if anyone can give me information on a good DVD to buy. I know nothing about guitars, i am a newb and i admit it. Any help would be greatly apprciated. I need to learn how to read, and write music to. Any help would be great.

I have been using Doug Doppler's Guitar 411- Diatonic Theory & Harmony. You can print out lesson plans, that helps quite a bit. Also Fretboard Logic is another good one. I'm sure there alot more out there that I don't know anything about as well.
i decided against looking at any DVD's, tabs (even though i post one every now and again), anything that could be considered an easy way to learn guitar. I construct my advanced chords using theory and scales and never look at power tab or guitar pro. I felt i was cheating myself.

Learning the hard way (without dvds and such) is the only way (i believe) to learn guitar.
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
will Doug Doppler's Guitar 411- Diatonic Theory & Harmony help me to learn and understand the music and notes? As well as teach me the components of the guitar and how to use it?
i'm a beginner as well and i got simon crofts dvd has helped me an awful lot
I used a on of those rock method dvds or whatever thaey are called I learned a few things from them
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