Ok, this is a really simple question, but I need to know all the ways the collective minds here at UG can think of that I can use to transfer music across the country to a friend that I want to make music with. Thanks, in advance, for any help.
So you're talking about raw tracks that you have recorded, say, like sending drum tracks to somebody so they can record a bass track and send it back to you to do guitars kind of thing?

For keeper files that will be part of the final mix, your ideal format is to use wav files. Most email clients will not take files that big. You'll need access to a server so you can send your friend a link and download. Webhosting isn't that much. I think we pay something like $70 for the year. That gives us way more storage and bandwidth than we need for a full site that streams audio and video, along with three other sites that are on the same server as subdomains. That can get a little complicated depending on your computer knowledge. An alternate will be a storage service like X-Drive.com.

For tracks that are just going to be reference tracks. "I'll send you the drums so you can listen to them and record the bass" kind of thing. Just send your friend the drum tracks as an mp3 in an email and that will be fine.

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