That probably wasn't a good idea.......

I'll look into it.

Ok, does your amp work?

Because I'm guessing that they put in 6l6GTs, which ( I'm not sure) is similar to kt66s.

They must of rebiased it.

IMO, you should of just ordered a kt66 tube.
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its my first tube amp that my tube blew out , it works and yes its a GT6l6s , what does bias mean
Ok, you'll have to search for that yourself, because it's complex and I'm not too great when it comes to that.

About your amp: it's fine. It will sound different, but it's fine.

Next time a tube dies, just ask them to re-bias the amp to use kt66s, which are great for that amp.

PS: You have 6l6s in there, the GT means "Groove Tubes". Hell, if you like the sound, keep 'em in there!
That's what I thought.

If you don't like the sound, order a set of kt66s and ask them to put them in.

Oh, and if you have any more questions about biasing, PM this guy, he's a genius: