I've never asked anyone out, but as I'm growing more and stuff.. I think I actually might soon. I'm 15. Well right now it seems really hard to have the guts to ask something like that, but i wanna hear some tips and what you guys did .
So yeah.... how did you first ask someone out? I really dont think I'm gonna use "Would you go out with me?" cus that's really.. really.. really weird and too formal just for a date...
Just ask them if they want to somewhere sometime. Example, "Do you want to come up town tomorrow?"

Pretty much the easiest way. Obviously, talk to them a bit before you ask the question. Then just take it from there
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They'll be fallin at your feet.
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Guy: Hey, whats up!?
Girl: Hey, nothing really... Just doing *insert here*
Guy: That's cool, you wanna get to know each other better? Y'know see a movie or something?

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Find a chick you like, and ignore her. Talk to her friends, but not her. It works. Also, please post in the relationship thread.
Never asked anybody out before at 15?

Anyways... easiest way at your age is to ask if they want to see a movie with you. Simply start a conversation and kind of lead it in the direction of movies, then ask. Say something along the lines of "I was wondering, do you want to go to the movies?" then suggest a movie that you think she'll like.
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Just ask if they wanna hang out somewhere at a certain time.

You might wanna have a car, or make sure it's within walking distance.

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Nice shoes, lets ****.

Any of those work for asking a chick out.
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Well, first you wanna try to actually become friends with them somewhat. Then ask them if they wanna hang out or something. And if you both enjoy hanging out together, just ask her out.
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Relationship Thread


But to not be an ass, when I first asked someone out, I 'buttered them up' by reminding how beautiful and nice she was.

I got turned down
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there's this excellent thread here in the pit that's going to help you figure it out. Aka relationship thread. I'd post this there if I were you
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Just say "do you fancy coming in my coffee?" then pause for a second and say "woops, I mean't do you fancy coming FOR a coffee" and then wink at her and rub your thighs whilst making apelike noises.

Never fails.