I know, that was a horrible way to title this. Lately I have been practicing stuff like Samba Pa Ti (Santana) or I have been playing solo kind of things.
I need to practice some more rhythmic stuff, something that can be played from start to finish. Im willing to try whatever, and I consider myself intermediate, and I need to know some rhythmic stuff along the lines of things like Soul to Squeeze (RHCP) (actually, just about any of RHCP's more melodic things) Just something that will help me work on chords, moving around, etc.
Im sorry if what I just wrote makes no sense.
Brubeck's Take Five is a good one to practise for getting used to syncopation in an odd time signature, as well as having some trickier chord progressions.
If you've got that down, try some gypsy jazz. Django Reinhart's Minor Swing for example.