I remember skimming through one topic, and someone posted a GREAT site that allowed you to make custom banners for gigs and whatnot, but I don't remember it at ALL. I tried forum search, before THOSE sharks come in, and I had no luck, so if anyone here can throw down all the good sites for that kinda jig, let me know =D

I would get Photoshop, but I just need to make something quick, and I fail hardcore at PS.

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Sidewalk chalk and a wall.

In all seriousness, the ones that I do and are done around here are done by hand and scanned into the computer. I don't know any sites off hand.
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Hi 5 man! this is what Im talkin bout!

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Just download Gimp it's like photoshop but it's free. And do them by hand.

Edit: Or offer an artistic hobo $5 to make them for you.
We DON'T need QUITE so many words in CAPITALS.

And was it Bandstickers?
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