A very sudden and unfortunate accident happened today on my LP's bridge pickup ring while I was playing.

Here's a couple pictures:

I guess I palm-muted too hard?

Well, I don't want to go bring the guitar to the repair shop just to replace the ring, but I don't know how to change it. The only thing that confuses me is how to get the little springs back on so I can adjust the height of the pickup.
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take the strings off and unscrew it. The ring will come right off. The ring holds the pickup in place and retains it's height, remember, so try and have a good idea of how high your pickup was before you swap rings. It's kind of tricky because there are springs wrapped around the screws.

When it comes to installing a new ring, It's a lot easier with another pair of hands to help. One of you hold the sing in place, making sure the springs don't push it away, and the other one screwing it down