Right now I'm in the market for a $400-600 head to go with my ampeg 410HE. I had heard such good things about markbass so I decided to try the LMII at GC. I tried it through the MB traveler 210 but wasn't that impressed. My girlfriend happened to be there with me and she told me to try the Acoustic B600 because she "liked the colors on it." I decided to try it and I absolutely loved the sound I got.

Really this post is about getting opinions on the B600. Has anyone here tried one or owned one? All opinions and suggestions on other heads to try are welcome too.
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I've never played the head, but I own the Acoustic B200 and I love the tones I get out it. Acoustics are really reliable and long lasting. I've heard the GK Backline series is terrible, so avoid that (I haven't tried one since the day I bought my first bass and knew nothing about tone then so I couldn't tell.). Ashdown is a really popular budget amp named on these boards. Ampeg's are an industry standard. It's really going to be up to whichever tone you personally like the best. Acoustic is a very good quality product, however, and you shouldn't have any problems with it as far as reliability. They're also very versatile.
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I've got the B100. Sounds amazing. Almost everyone on this forum will tell you, you cant go wrong with Acoustic
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Acoustics are really reliable and long lasting.

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Ampeg's are an industry standard.

Not anymore they aren't.

From what I can tell, the B600H is a B200H with more wattage and a mute switch. Sounded fine to me when I played through it. I imagine it'd cut through quite well.

That said, Carvin has a much better amp for the same price, and can easily do a similar tone. The BX600 has the same power rating as the B600H, but with loads more features, and it's made in the U.S. (link)
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I would say it is definitely good.

I will say if I had the money for that amp, it would be wasted on a Carvin instead.
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