I have those guitar books that look like the upper part of a neck on a guitar. They fan out and are about scales and chords. Now concerning the scales they use a grid I do now understand. Its a bunch of dots all over frets. Ive used the search option to look for help with scales and most of the time the stuff I find still confuses me because terms I dont understand are used or the right questions arent being asked or described. So my question is the usual noon one about scales. what are they for? once you know them then what? what are you supposed to do with them? whats with all the dots in the books i have (if anyone knows what im talk about) whats the point of knowing scales?

Also what are some good songs to learn on acoustic?
A friend of mine is a big django reinhardt fan. he talked about some scales that he was learning, i forget what they were called someting foreign though, does anyone have any idea of spanish or gypsy esq scales or songs?
I'm pretty sure I got that same book for Christmas. And too answer you question about what the scales are for. That basically tells you all the notes that are in a specific key. So it's basically telling you, if you are playing a song in the key of C Major, then these are the notes you can play if you want to solo or something. That is, in a nutshell, how to use scales.

There are so many songs to learn on the acoustic guitar, I guess it depends on what your skill level is, and what kind of songs you like. I'd personally recommend Ramble On, by Led Zepplin. I'm sure with a lot of practice, you could get that down.
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