ya ya, i know.. another painting thread.

anyways, I sanded my guitar down, all the way past the top clear coat. Now I'm down to the stain, it's not to bare wood yet but there's another coat. Anyways, I can use this 'stain' as a primer right? Also, in some areas there is some bare wood showing, will I have problems with this when I start painting tomorrow??

Will post pics.
Going for a straight white body, MAYBE a custom logo on the body, and I'm refinishing the headstock to match the body, was also wondering if I could use a sharpy to right my last name or something on the headstock. thanks for any replies.
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just use some primer spray bombs. That way you have a clean slate with no bare wood spots to absorb paint.
Alright I'll see if my dad has some laying around in his shop.

What about the headstock thing?
ALSO, I've never really done this before, so with the neck, should I loosen the tension on the truss rod? It looks like it's starting to bow.
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"