So i've just bought an 8 channel mixer/track recorder, that records onto minidisc. My problem is, now i need some sort of device to record it all onto to keep all the EQ's, correct?
I'm not sure I understand your question. You record onto the minidisk itself, no?

What is it, exactly that you want to achieve?

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It records onto minidisc, and when you've finished recording you're able to adjust the EQ's, mids, whatever. But whenever you change them back to normal after taking the minidisc out to put the recorder away, they're all lost.

So i was wondering what i can do. Like how can i get a recording that will keep all the EQ's and things, you know, as like a final product for people to listen too? :/
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You just have a raw recording for the minidisc...all you're doing is modifying the output settings. What do you have, and what's the budget? It may be best to upload it to a computer and use a mastering software like SoundForge to keep EQ settings and make your sound good.
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