Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie and looking for a website and or app that can randomize chords based on my input. So if I enter:

C D E Em

I would get a new random order of the chords (ie: D C Em E etc) each time I hit the randomize button. I think that it would be a great way to practice different chord progressions. As my "chord library" grows, I will add more and more chords to the list. If I don't find a site which can do this, I may have to take some time and write my own as I am a web developer.

Thanks in advance!

couldn't you just do that yourself?
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If you're gonna input the chords why wouldn't you just think of different ways to make a progression yourself?
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couldn't you just do that yourself?


what's the point of a program that will be more long-winded than simply doing it yourself?

Listing chords and rearranging them like that is pointless, the whole point of putting chords together is how they sound, if you don't like it then you move them around or put other ones in and.

Playing chords and listening to them is what helps you learn how to use them...generating random lists won't teach you anything.
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Hi Steven,

I disagree when you say that generating random chord lists will not teach you anything.

Firstly I think that it would be a good way to practice any new chords that I have learned, while at the same time helping to reinforce my muscle memory of existing chords. The randomness should help with having to recall each chord from memory.

It should also help in theory to increase the speed of chord progressions. Also, unlike paper, I could keep track of chords without having numerous sheets of paper lying around and seeing the list grow would create the sense of accomplishment and progress; something that beginner guitarists need much of.

Also if I wanted to extend it, I could create an attribute of a key for each chord so that I could display random chords progressions from a particular key (A or Cm etc).

Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks for everyone's comments.

This will work if you have OpenOffice.

If you're using MS Excel you'll need to have the Analysis ToolPak add-in. I believe it's on the Excel disc, not 100% sure.

You enter 8 chords and it will pick 5 out of the 8 for a sequence. Play that sequence. Rinse and repeat.

I know, ugly... But it works.

EDIT: I believe the second one (Chords2.xls.zip) should work on all versions of Excel....
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Hey Howard,

Thanks dude! I'm going to check out the spreadsheets now. Thanks again.