I don't know much about acoustics, and my sister just got one for christmas

she wants to learn "your guardian angel" by the red jumpsuit apparatus, this tuning is in drop c though

in my experience, acoustic strings break fairly easy (at least the high e string) when it's tuned back up. This may just be stock strings though. is it safe to tune that low without having to worry about breaking the string?

and if it makes any difference, I replaced her stock strings with martin regular gauge acoustic strings.
should be fine, as long as you don't over tighten them when coming back up
Interesting you say that because I've never broke any of my acoustic strings, and it has had to deal with my tone deaf tuning, however I've broke two of my electric gutar strings... But if I'm not wrong, Drop C is going lower? So you wouldn't have to worry about strings snapping from tentisoin.
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well, I broke a string coming back up from drop c, mind you it was a stock string so that may have been the cause

the guitar I purchased for her was a cheap epiphone on sale for $100.. I don't know the real price.

just to play it safe, would it be okay if I told her to tune the other strings except for the e and b (those aren't used in the song) or would it warp the neck with the uneven tension
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As long as your strings arent too old they should be fine.
If you dont feel like risking it I believe that that song can be very accurately transcribed into standard tuning by replacing the power chords with open chords. Check the tabs here on UG, Im sure theres one.