So all of today I was learning Master of Puppets, thinking I hadn't learned it yet and it's a must learn for guitarists. The problem is, by the time I got to the faster solo, I was completely bored with the song. There was only one fun riff in it and the others were just boring.

So now I'm asking for songs packed with fun riffs (like Protest the Hero) that is also within the difficulty range of their Kezia album and MoP.

It would also be really nice if the songs were in either E standard or Drop D
if your either willing to play it up a whole step or willing to drop tune play The Human Abtrast

polaris is a simpler song to get introduced to but otherwise their entire first album is pretty difficult stuff but really fun to play once you get it
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six by all that remains is so fun you never get bored playin it (also very short)
Love Song by Tesla: It's acoustic, but it's in E Standard.

LAI LAI HEI by Ensiferum: Acoustic intro; awesome melody, also in E Standard.
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why not learn an easy song? i find easy songs more fun to plau.
smashed into piecas by silverstein is like the must have song to play is so fun.
n senses fail - cant be saved, it has some cool hormonics in there
and the soloish thingy sounds great.

cant be saved is kinda hard i guess.
Anything by The Fall Of Troy. I know most of their songs but Ex-Creations, Shhh!! If You're Quiet I'll Show You A Dinosaur!!, or Ghostship Part IV or V I'd have to say would've been the most fun to play/learn.
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