I'm trying to adjust the truss rod on my older vantage bass so maybe with the adjustment and new strings it will sound better. When I try to turn my wrench though it won't move at all.

If I take off all the strings will it maybe take tension off the neck and move enough?
Nothing will sound better, truss rod adjustment is a playability thing, if you think something's wrong, fret buzz, too high action etc.

Also, never take off more than one string at once at any time unless you really know what you're doing, because you may **** up your neck's tension that way.

Many websites have plenty of information on neck adjustments if you still wish to try it, so it'll save everyone the pain of typing all those important steps,

I believe in a thing called Google...
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Taking all the strings off won't hurt the neck at all. Not one bit.

How does your bass feel to you right now? How high is the action? Is there a significant curve to the neck?

Also, which way are you turning the nut?
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Truss rod is for a warped neck. THAT'S IT. If you want it to sound better, new pickups, new strings, fret conditioning etc. but not the truss rod unless you have a warped neck.

Good Luck
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The truss rod is NOT for a warped neck. There's no fix for a warped neck. A truss rod is to counteract the tension of the strings on the neck so the neck doesn't bow under the weight.

TS, before you do anything more check and see which way you're turning the rod and be sure it's the right way!
The other thing is make sure you have the correct Allen wrench and that the inner core of the truss rod is not stripped in some way.

Read the FAQ and then tackle this again. You should only have to loosen the strings to adjust the rod and make sure you take it in baby steps. One 1/4 turn and then give the neck a bit of time to settle. If you are struggling with this, it would be advisable to take it to a shop and get them to show you how its done. They could also advise if you have any issues with the truss rod that is making adjustments problematic.

I went through a "find the right string gauge" voyage of discovery and had to do this everytime I changed strings on my Ibanez. So its not just for a warped neck--depending on your climate, strings etc you'll have to adjust the neck a bit. Its not just for a warped neck as Bales has stated.
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Also, never take off more than one string at once at any time unless you really know what you're doing, because you may **** up your neck's tension that way.

Quite wrong, how do you think refretting and stoning take place?

As Tams says 1/4 turn adjustments.
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