there's tons of stuff i want to do with effects. i've tried pedals out at stores around where i live, but none of them seem to have what i'm looking for. first thing i would like is something that makes my guitar pulse. like silence exept for when the pulse it sounding. so i strike a string and let it sound, but it makes really really short sounding quarter, eigth, or 16th etc. notes. what am i describing? tremelo pedal? vibe? and also, for this effect and all kinds of other effects like delay or anything that has a setting for rate, i want to be able to input a particular bpm that it pulsates at, or repeats a delay at, etc. Delay pedals ive used always have knobs that are impossible to pinpoint a partiular rate. this is annoying when im trying to play along with a preset beat off my keyboard, which i can choose the bpm. It is almost impossible to make the pedal sync with a desired tempo. and the pedals with the tap thing that you do with our foot just dont do it for me. by the time i hit the thing with my foot, press through the sole of my shoe, press the button down far enough to register a beat, it just isnt exact enough. are there effect softwares that would make all this easy? other suggestions?