Hi guys. I got a new black Gibson SG Standard a week ago. How is the quality on these usually? I'm thinking about returning the one I just got, but want to know if they're all like this.

The first thing I noticed was a dent right in the middle of the body, and it didn't bother me much, but today I saw a crack where the neck meets the body. It's right on the seam and I think it is just the finish, but it makes me think there might be too much play in the neck if it has cracked this soon. You guys think I should swap it for another one? Other than these things, I love it. Oh, and it is a lefty.
do swap it.
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You shouldn't even be asking this. Swap it and take your time to inspect the next guitar you get.
For a 100 $ guitar it might be okay, but add a zero to the price and it shouldn't even be on shelves.
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Yeah, but the dents and neck crack isn't Gibsons fault. It's the store's fault for keeping it on the shelf.
Gibsons QC is pretty bad in the last few years it's fallen off quite a bit. They seem to let a lot of stuff go that would make most guitars a 2nd.

I would swap it for sure. Check the new one out well like I said Gibsons QC s*cks lately. When you find a good one though it's usually amazing.

It could have been Gibsons fault or the stores no way really telling it could have come in like that and the store just didn't notice or someone trying it out could have wacked it on something and just put it back on the hanger. I have seen problems like this right out of the box, most stores would just discount it rather than send it back to Gibson. I have seen a lot of cracks in the finish of just about every set neck Gibby 90% of the time it's just the finish at the joint. It's very common on Gibsons for some reason I think it's the Nitrocellulose they use, it's very brittle. SGs weakest point is where the neck is joined with the body if it were an LP I wouldn't worry as much. I have seen so many of them broke there and it doesn't take much.

Don't let them give you sh*t at the store some places will try and blame you and say whay didin't you notice it when you bought it.

Definitely swap it out, but I wouldn't question the build necessarily. SG standards have proved to have been some of the best built guitars Gibson makes. The cracks and ding, I would guess, would be due to shipping conditions. Fluctuating weather can take its toll on finish. Gibson inspect all their guitar before they go out the door and I doubt that would slip through the cracks. Where did you buy it? If you bought it at Guitar Center I could definitely see it being battered on the showroom floor. I used to have a black SG standard and it was one of the greatest guitars I've had. The neck is amazing!!! Get another one and I doubt you'll be disappointed, but make sure you inspect head to toe before you buy it. Shame on you for not doing do in the first place.
yeah, i'd swap it. even if it's minor (which it may or may not being), when you're paying big money, you're entitled to expect it to be perfect (or as close as possible).
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