Well I finally sold my EMG 81, and I have a little cash to get a new set of pickups in my guitar after I finish repainting it. You guys are probably like, "if he had an EMG, why'd he sell it?" Well I don't really like active pickups, they sound TOO harsh to me, plus I don't have a good enough tube amp to power them.

Okay well I was looking at guitarheads.net and saw these

hmm, I don't think that will take you there, it doesnt seem to change the url. But look for the MegaMetal humbuckers in there. If anyone has expierence (sp?) with guitarheads lemme know how good quality they are.


EDIT: go to the left on that site, where it says pickups. click on that, scroll down until you see the MegaMetal ones.
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mine are still coming in the mail i have a megametal for the bridge and a hexbucker for the neck. I didn't like my stock ibanez pickups so I got these. I'll tell you how they are.