I see alot of people, white and black starting to dress "black" as a style, people say something like, whoa, that guy is so black, and i look and i would see a guy wearing baggy jeans, bandana, hoodie with dolar signs on it and talking with many swears and just a general ghetto look

Im white and i find it kind of offensive to black people that people generaly think a black person has one main description

What im trying to get at is that people are starting to think that black is a style and the style is sometimes a negative steriotype

Im not sure if its just where i live but if you have any opinions dont be afraid to chip in

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Very true. Too many white people trying to act black. They're a different type of people then we are. Deal with it.
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That's a pretty interesting thought, considering that "ghetto" look isn't a black thing anymore, but started with the rap and hip-hop junk...
I would still put it as a "ghetto" style before a "black" style, to avoid being shot, but since we know where the baggy pants, do-rag, and whatnot came from.. yeah.
Nice observation?
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True observation but, to be fair, the majority of black people reinforce the stereotype, so only the ones that don't can complain.