hey im going to be playing bass with my friends band for some songs and i have a 25 watt fender bassman amp. wondering if this is loud enough for practice or a small live show
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Should be fine for practice, provided you practice at sane levels.

As far as gigs go, it depends on the size of the venue and your band's style. For an acoustic gig at a coffeshop, it would be fine. But for a rock or metal show in a bar, or something similarly sized, you'd have to use the PA system and hope they have good monitors.
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Its a good size for practice i still use a 30 watt bass amp for jamming with my band or friends. live gigs you'd need something bigger probably, not necessarily a stack but if u were gonna upgrade id get a stack so u don't have to upgrade again if u start playing bigger venues. there's alot of directions u can go with half stacks i started by getting a 450 watt head and a 2x10 cab then i eventually expanded to a another 1x15 cab with the 2x10. it was a behringer not the best amp but it did the trick for years. now im upgrading to a tube bass amp but there not nessecary
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okay thanks. yeah i will need to play live probably at a rock show and may or may not mic up amps. I think i will go for a bigger amp when i get to that point. any reccomendations for a super cheap amp that is loud. I really dont care how it sounds as long as its not total garbage. I just want a loud bass amp.
i have no specific budget because whatever i need ill be saving for. I hope to keep it under 300 if thats possible.
There's a combo amp by peavey the TNT 115. its got 150 watts and a 15 inch speaker. a friend of mine used it hell still uses it for parties and bar gigs and it is very loud and sounds pretty good and he paid about 500 bucks for it even i had to use it once or twice when i was having issues with mine and it held up. and its invincible his is like 8 years old and he bought it used lol
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It's over budget, but if you're going to upgrade to $300, you might as well go for $400 and get the

Marshall MBC115

300 watts, 15" speaker.
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It's over budget, but if you're going to upgrade to $300, you might as well go for $400 and get the Marshall MBC115

No, don't tell him that. Marshall MB-series amps are as bad as the MG-series guitar amps. If he was going to spend $400 he'd be much better off with an Acoustic half stack.

It's possible to get a loud amp for that, but what you're going to get might still struggle a bit with larger shows if it's not running through the PA.

Here's the loudest one's I've found:


Ashdown Five Fifteen

Acoustic B100

Of those, I would venture to say that the SWR is probably the loudest, and also probably has the best build quality.
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thanks guys. i will definatly consider those amps when i am gonna start playing shows. the swr might be the winner. i might go to my local guitar store to try some amps out before i buy one.
mutant corn is right about the Marshall granted high end Marshall guitar amps are good. they never really did do the whole bass amp thing that great. You can do much better than a marshall for a fraction of the price of a good one.
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i'd recommend the acoustic b100, but of course i haven't played any of the others. so your best bet would probably be to go to your local guitar store and try em out!
i'd say if your amp does fine for practice (which it should), then rent out half stacks for when you really need em. its a very inexpensive process and much more practical in the short run. if your band gets serious and starts playing a handful of shows every month, then you should consider saving up for your own half stack, and by then you should have tried out enough to know what you want.

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Don't understand this Practice Amp bit, I've never been in a band that uses anything other than their gigging rigs in rehearsal/practice; the exception being the PA.
We want to hear the sound of the gig when putting numbers together.
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if ur jamming in a house with paper thin walls in a town full of hicks and douchey cops practice amps are ideal to avoide expensive tickets and death threats... took a few for me to learn
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