Ok, I am a beginner to shred, Ive been playing 2 years and just started playing shred about 6 months ago. I am looking for a solo with some basic tapping and alternate picking licks, to test and improve my chops. I was thinking maybe some children of bodom or something.
Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Learn the intro/solo.
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If you've got 2 years experience, and want a good solo with some tapping and alternate, try the lead to "Crystal Mountain" by Death.
Go for Eruption.
Beginning sweep picking check out some Dethclock, like Thunderhorse or the Deththeme, or Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold would be good to look at.
Stratovarius from their Episode, Fourth Dimension, Fright Night, and Twilight Time albums

Mostly notably the songs Stratosphere, Holy Light, Fire Dance, Out of the Shadows, and Speed of Light

those are some pretty good songs for getting your alternate picking up to speed

also check out warmen, they are the keyboardist from children of bodom's band and they do a lot of really cool fast picking runs

tapping try some dragonforce
the first "shred" cob solo i learned was the one in Warheart - and it has one tapped note, so there you go!
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+1 to Eruption. It has tapping and alt picking along with some cool bluesy hammer/pull fills in it. Also Afterlife as mentioned above has a sick solo. Umm, The Grand Conjuration by Opeth has a sweet solo that you might want to try looking at.