I am recording a Xylophone, Marimba, and Timpani solo for a friend. I was wondering what kinda techniques I should use to approach recording these instruments, and maybe what mics might sound good recording these instruments.

Here are the mic's I own....

1. Electro Voice 635
2. Cascade Fathead Ribbon Mic
3. Oktava MK-219
4. Shure SM-57
5. Audix OM-2bx
6. Shure SM-58
7. Shure SM-48

Well how I have done them before is with 2 mics under the marimba and one room mic.
Condensers would prolly work best for this.

I would leave out the room mic if you don't have decent acoustics in the room, but if you do this then the sound might come out a bit flat/dull sounding.